Business Line of Credit

Access funds for short-term uses such as purchasing inventory, paying accounts receivables, or managing seasonal needs. A New Heights Investment line of credit offers your business financial flexibility as you manage cash flow. Not only is it easy to access on-demand, it can also be paid down and used again as your business grows and changes.

Business Loans

New Heights Investment offers loans to help your business purchase capital goods and equipment or consolidate debt.

  • Acquire machinery, equipment, or other assets with fixed monthly payments
  • Apply for loans, starting at £50,000.

Commercial Mortgages

New Heights Investment offers loans specifically designed to refinance your mortgage or acquire new real estate. Are you looking to expand your facility, or build a new one?

SBA Loans

New Heights Investment is a participant in the SBA (Small Business Administration) Preferred Lender Program. SBA loans are available in a variety of term loan and line of credit options. Backed by government-sponsored loan guarantees, SBA loans offer businesses who may not otherwise qualify for conventional bank loans get access to the credit their business needs to grow.

Business Construction Loans

Whether you are breaking ground for the 1st time, adding a new location, or remodeling your existing business location, New Heights Investment has the construction loan financing to support your project.  Our experienced lenders understand construction and specialize in owner-occupied buildings and facility expansions.

Commercial Development Loans

New Heights Investment offers competitively priced loans to finance the construction of income-producing properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, showroom space, apartment buildings or condominium buildings.

Residential Construction Loans

New Heights Investment offers construction loans to build speculative (spec) or pre-sold 1-4 family homes. The loans are competitively priced and serviced by a local relationship officer.

Overdraft Protection

New Heights Investment Believes in giving small businesses the tools to grow. Overdraft protection is the product you need to save you from overdraft fees. Plus, it gives you extra funds when you need them.